Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween on Miyako?

We are planning to have a Halloween party. So this week we went and visited a bunch of dropped investigators and so so investigators as well as our investigators and church members. We made invite cards and we are having an English Halloween party. We will teach kids so English vocab and have games. We think it will turn out great :)

Other than that. nothing really happened this week. We did see a miracle this week when we went to visit a less active. He wasn't there but his mom just returned home. We talked to her a bit and she was kinda down on life. We talked about how we can live with families forever and that made her really interested. So out of that she became a new investigator and I'll be teaching her tomorrow. Tomorrow we are having a companion exchange. Ill be with the other second transfer bean. But he is Japanese. Wish me luck.

S`s date dropped. We don't know when she can receive baptism. It can be anywhere from now and 4 years. Her daughter is the one it depends on. Because she wants to be married but can't. In Japan it is law to change your name if your parents marry other people. Unlike in America where you can keep your name. And her daughter doesn't want to change her name before getting married.

Here are some amazing photos.

Jameson 長老

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