Monday, October 14, 2013

Take courage and stop being idle


So transfer calls. were. boring. Everyone is the same.

But that means we get to work with S still.

other than that, honestly nothing happened all week. Failed commitments, "I' good", less actives not interested. Nothing.

So this week. 2 things really happened. Law of chastity lesson with S. She is the perfect emblem of faith and brightness in this world. Seriously she took off work on the 26th already so she can be baptized. She went up to Okinawa this weekend and wasn't able to attend conference with us. But we called a man in Naha that could take her to Saturday morning (she called us saying "I'm so sorry i can only go to Saturday morning... is that okay?"). If you think over all the talks for Saturday morning.... are they not perfect for a person who is preparing to become a member? I know that there is divine revelation for these talks. And all those people who talked on Saturday, they talked for S.

She came by the church while the other elders where there yesterday and she said she absolutely loved conference.

Not only that but she bought us cookies. What a wonderful person.

But we also were very concerned because we had to teach tithing next.... and she has a very tight life right now. But Bednar during his talked stressed the importance of tithing. That was Saturday morning. How is it really the only talk during conference about tithing was when our investigator was watching. Divine revelation.

Anyways the church is true. What I learned from conference is this: If you aren't opening your mouth, if you aren't doing your share of the work, YOU are slowing the work of salvation. You are not doing your duty to your Heavenly Father. Take courage and stop being idle. We all have at least one person we can bring to the light of this gospel.

Thats all I have time for today. so I love you!!!!

Jameson 長老

ps. Caught some fishies! and ate some sugar cane. The biggest fish is mine. its called ojiisan. Mostly because of the whiskers. They look like a beard. But it was really strong and tasted quite good. not like fish at all. It was like a foot long.

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