Tuesday, October 8, 2013

There is power in prayer

Helloooo all!!!!

We haven't watched conference yet. we watch it this weekend. But instead of 2 hour breaks, we only have an hour break per session. I like that. We were trying to figure out which session to invite people to.

Gandy may leave. We aren't sure but the call will come later today. I'll probably be here for 3 more transfers. Nakabe, I think will stay one more transfer and make it 5 here on Miyako. Nara choro might leave because he got into a pretty nasty bike accident last week and broke his two front teeth. It was yabai. He was bleeding everywhere.

SOOOoOOOOOOooOO this week was rough.

We had little contact with anyone because that typhoon came through on Saturday. Saturdays and Sundays are our most important days because we get the most done. But it was a really bad storm. Probably similar to a level 4 or 5 hurricane. The sugar cane fields around us were torn to bits. I took recordings of it but they are too big to send so those will come when I mail the card.

The power went out around 6 on Saturday night and stayed out til 9 the next morning. it was the worst because we were in pitch black darkness. We sang songs to pass the time. The sleep was hard because it was in 100% humidity. The water stopped working as well so I took a shower with bottled water. That was shocking because it was freezing cold.

But I offered a fasting prayer and asked to have the power back on. 5 minutes after the prayer the lights went back on. THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER!

So awesome sause with S again. So we taught the WOW last week and we asked her how she was doing. She dropped coffee cold turkey. We watched the restoration video and afterwards she said she knows that experience is true and that Joseph is a prophet and that the Book Of Mormon is true. When we told her that we might be transferred... she said it was super sad because who was going to baptize her. Man this lady is so amazing. During our last lesson I told Gandy we needed to make a prayer rock for her and give her a triple combination. We did so at the end of the lesson. She started crying. first off because when she bought her bible, it cost a lot. (for some reason) so receiving free scriptures really touches her heart (and that triple was my triple so I need to buy a new set) and her son all the time when he was young would always write God on rocks he found. (so the rock we found, we went to the beach and looked for 30 minutes for the perfect white rock.Then we wrote prayer on it.) All in all she says that it really means so much to her that there are people who are actually sent from God. She said that she knows God sent us. Every time we teach she can feel it. That brings so much joy to me. Every time we see someone hold that Book of Mormon for the first time... and they look at it with wonder brings so much joy. When they say they feel something after reading a pamphlet, that brings so much joy. After they pray they say they feel warm. My heart jumps. All I can do is smile because my joy is full. Even when people slam doors or deny our truth. The great things out weigh the sad things.

That's all I have time for today!

Love you

Jameson 長老

pictures are from the black out!

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