Monday, September 30, 2013

Teach people and not lessons

This week has been crazy. We haven't been able to get much done because we got a call on last Monday night that we were going to Okinawa for president interviews. There I got to meet my district and zone. I also bought my rain gear which came in handy yesterday when it was raining hard.

I love Gandy chourou and he is amazing. He has taught me so much about working hard. He worked so hard that he has a cold now. We couldn't do anything except contact 1 person and go to church yesterday.

On Tuesday I went fishing with a less active.
It was so much fun and I caught 3 of the most pathetic looking things in the world.

So this week`s amazing miracle and week`s sad lesson.... let's do the lesson first.

So the lady asked us what the significance of religion was. We sat on the question for 2 weeks before we could visit her again. I said we should base it off of Ether 12:4 - hope. Religion gives us hope for the unknown and through that hope we need not fear. That's basically what we taught her. I related how grandpa died and how I know I will see him again. Gandy`s father died when he was 14 and he used that as well. We said we have this hope and faith because of our religion. We asked her iF she wanted something like that. She said it sounds great. Gandy held out a Book of Mormon and basically said, Would you try your faith and read this book. She said she thinks it would be too hard and doesn't think she can do it. I think we won't visit her for awhile, but it was such a powerful testimony that I can't explain with words.

Miracle: S again!!!!

So this lady is straight from a gold mine. She comes to church on Sunday with her sister. She is a better member missionary than the members are. But we followed up on the lesson 3 pamphlet and 2 Nephi chapter 31. She said she thinks baptism is essential and enduring to the end is hard but she thinks she can do it. We then taught her about commandments and the W.O.W. She accepted and said she would follow it then and there. Not only this, her sister was in the lesson as well. She said she wanted to try to live it and she wants to investigate the church. But she lives on Okinawa. So we had to call the sisters in her area. But still, its amazing that the W.O.W got her excited about the church. It goes to show that you need to teach people and not lessons. Not everything is for everyone.


I have not gotten anything from anyone except Brittany. I"ve gotten two great long letters from her! Where are my friends? I want to talk to people! Its hard only just having Gandy to talk to. (I love him, but regardless, its nice to hear from others.)

My friends have forgotten about me :( my family too! Nara chourou got this huge package from his family last night. it makes me saddddddd!


Ill talk to you next week. Here are some photos. The spider one is of Gandy.

The spider is the size of his face.

Jameson 長老

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