Monday, September 9, 2013

We can see the light in their eyes


So I have little to no time.

Miyako is hard. There hasn't been a baptism in 2 years. The language makes me so angry and frustrated. I want to help Gandy but I usually can't. In certain situations I just ask him to translate for me.

The people are hardened busy people. At least the older people. We don't even get done introducing ourselves and they ask if we are a religion and say they are good. We have had the most success with at home moms. We throw the pitch of families can live together forever and that usually tickles their fancy.

I want to share one amazing expereince I had this week. It was actually right after I emailed you guys.

We went tracing (since we don't have any lessons anyways) and we went to this one area. We only knocked on 4 doors since it was late. But one door this lady came out and we said we wanted to share a message about God`s love. She started to cry and she grabbed a necklace of the cross and told us how she has been investigating the Catholic church. She said she didn't believe it was true and that she had been praying for messengers to come to visit her. She was preparing dinner so she said to come again... but on the 19th. That was 17 days away. So we walked away saying "okay why that day?"

She caught us at our bikes right before we were about to leave. She started to explain why she asked us to come again on the 19th. Me being able to hear birthday I started to smile and nodding my head. But in reality she was explaining the death of her son and it was his birthday on the 19th. It would be 5 years since he died and he would be our age. So we reminded her of her son and she thought of us as angelic guides. Funny thing is, we came back to that same area and all the rest of the apartments were duds. And there were over 60 apartments over there. Its amazing to see that the Lord does prepare Gis people. We can see it in the eyes of the people right as they open the door if they will listen and be interested. There is a light in some of these people`s eyes.

Anywho, I want peanut butter. There are only two kinds of cereal. I'm hungry because I want American food.

Jameson chourou
Flying to Japan

His first squatter

I LOVE this picture of Elder Jameson and Elder Gandy. 

Elder Jameson and Elder Gandy, sent to me by Elder Gandy's mother. They are told they look quite a bit alike. What do you think?

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