Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sore legs and amazing blessings

There is a lot of stuff that happened this week. First off Gandy and elder Nakabe probably will transfer.

Since Gandy has been here for a while we had to go to some further parts of the island this week. But for some strange reason, even though we used a lot of time traveling by bike, some amazing things happened this week. My legs are extremely sore because of it all but it's just a sign of hard work. We actually had the highest numbers this week compared to the rest of the transfer. We had a small amount of contacts but we still handed out a couple more copies of the Book of Mormon than usual.

So on Wednesday we called S and she said she took last Sunday off because she was thinking whether or not she should continue. She said she wanted to. But the fact she thought about that scares the living daylights out of me. We had a couple of great lessons this week and we also visited a lot of less active members. We had a companion exchange and I went with Elder Nakabe. We went and tried to visit one of my PI that we have not been able to meet since last transfer. And since Elder Nakabe didn't know him, he asked me to lead the conversation. The man, K, said he didn't really have an interest in God but after hearing a foreigner speak Japanese, he said he has some interest now. I don't know how that connects but I don't care, it is an amazing blessing.

We had to drop one of our investigators this week. We have been teaching her for around 4 months or so. We didn't know what to say to her anymore so we basically asked her if she believed in God. She said no. We asked her if she wanted to know if He exists. She said no. That no just killed me. It blew my mind away.

Anyways I forgot to tell you about how we ran into two people contacting who can speak English. One guy was white and from Canada. he opened the door and Elder Gandy and I just said nonni....... hello? It was awkward for a few seconds but we got to teach him. Sadly he doesn't have interest. But like 2 doors down we contacted this Asian that was from Australia. He lived there for 18 years or so and had a sick accent. Not only that he met missionaries a couple weeks earlier in a different city.

Funny story, we received a call yesterday for his referral and we told them we already contacted him before but we wanted to double check. Crazy thing is we found him on the street later that day. He came up to us and started talking to us. He is hilarious and he referenced a couple of American movies while we talked with him.

Anywho S didn't come to church this week again. It is really scaring Gandy and me.

That"s all I can say for now.

Jameson 長老

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