Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sweating like a man

Famiry I rooovvveee yoouu.

I'm getting pretty good at talking in English the way Japanese people do. I love it so much. It tickles my fancy beyond measure.

There has been a strange change inside of me this past week.

Granted my mom always says that she is sad that she doesn't get to see me become a man. The only thing that is manly about me is the overwhelming stench that comes off of me after a full day of Okinawan sun beating down of me. Like in all honesty, I should probably burn my clothes. Its that bad. That and the fact my once active body is slowing and becoming cranky. I try to move and my body hisses at me saying "fool why are you trying to move right now. You aren't as good as you once were."

From the blessings on high that were so graciously bestowed upon me, some how I was able to completely change with regards to my last area. I was feeling slightly awkward in Hiroshima. For that reason I know that it wasn't really the area for me. With the return to Okinawa it made me realize how much I love these people. They are some of the kindest people here. I was trying to become too business like in Hiroshima. That didn't work out. But now I'm in the comfortable island of Okinawa. I think really this may be the place I need to be.

This past week was full of drama with some members and the lady we are teaching to be baptized. (spoiler she was baptized) Apparently she told one of the members that she hated her... that didn't really play well. Another member was being very hard on her saying that she needed more time to repent of something she did over 20-30 years ago. All in all, it was a bunch of old women who couldn't let go of things. We had to talk to the Branch President one night and he was super amazing about it. He said "I want to believe in the power of the atonement. It may seem hard now but it will turn into a good experience for all of us." He is surely a blessed man with the mercy of heaven leading him.

All in all we tried hard and prayed hard to see if E could be baptized. Friday came around and it really seemed like there could be some problems. We prayed and felt that everything was going to be okay so we set up the baptismal interview and she passed and things went well. On the other hand, the offended members weren't very happy on Sunday. I went up and asked how one was doing and very sourly she responded "thanks" and stormed off. That didn't really answer my question.

Anyways we had some interesting experiences. There was a drunk guy on the street that called out to us. He kept condemning Christians because he thought they were directly connected with the American bases on Okinawa. After we told him that it wasn't, he asked "why are you here then?" We said, "to share this message." He responded, "well if you want to share it, come to my house and share it with my daughter." So we followed him to his house and met his daughter. We didn't have time to teach them but we will go back soon.

The spirit of the Lord was really resting with us this week. There were contacts that I don't know how  we found (other than from the guidance from the spirit) but people just listened. That doesn't mean that they accepted it, but the listened from their hearts.

One thing I have learned this week is that people here... actually people everywhere, want the blessings of the gospel: stronger families, more love, questions for the unknown. But they are freaked out with the gospel. Not really fair right? How can we make it so the change from not living the gospel to living the gospel is easier so that they can experience the blessings of this gospel?

As for Bevan and the area, it is a hard area but things can change. He hasn't talked much about it but he keeps telling me he is thankful for me because I have helped him.... but I don't know how I have helped him. He is a funny kid. He does everything as strictly as possible. He has such a kind heart and is willing to do what it takes to help people. I know he will a great missionary. He already is.

Have a great week!

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