Monday, September 15, 2014

Back on an island

I'm back in Okinawa. I'm in an area called Nago.

So I will be completely honest with the news of transfers. I'm actually kind of upset about it. I loved Yasufuruichi. The Ward was great. There was such a warm feeling there. The work was progressing. It was great to see how leaders work. But knowing all of that, I know it was only a passing period of things I needed to learn. There wasn't really anyway for me to continue to stay there. As it came to transfers, I knew that I was going to go, but as to where I was worried.

When I got my call I was really surprised and again worried about the new assignment. Nago. My trainer, and many of my friends within the mission have served there. I asked them all (this is in previous months) how their other areas have been. Not very many positive responses came from it. There were many struggles that made it not the greatest experience for them.

Knowing this, I was worried. But I am determined not to let it affect my work habits for this next transfer. I mean, if I let it get to me, and iIstay here for a long time... that long time is going to be a really long time.

I get here and my new companion is Elder Bevan. He is awesome. He is super majime and wants to get work done so I'm super glad that I have a comp who is willing to get the area changed. It would be really hard if I had one who didn't.

The ward has previous problems due to some contention. Lots of them went less active. In another case, one changed wards. The new ward is a 2 hour drive away.

We have an investigator whose name is E. She is 60 years old and she says she hears voices. Taken from the standpoint of the gospel, the bad voices are temptation and the good ones are the Spirit. I honestly think that's how it can be played off but right now she has a baptism date. Recently a member told us that she said "I want to get baptism so that these voices will go away." Me and Elder Bevan are talking a lot about this. It is not the easiest situation to figure out.

I would hate to bring sad news to you. The ward doesn't seem too excited. I said during sacrament that I was super excited to work here. One member came up to me and asked me, "why are you excited and think Nago is good? It is not really all that fun and not that good." Another member talked about how many people are less active.  A pretty long list of sadness.

This area doesn't seem like the best right now but I'm going to work until I either can't move or I get transferred. I am not sure how and why members give up. I am not sure why there are areas in a mission that are the "oh no" areas. I hope that soon this area can be the area people look forward to. I am going to do my best to help it change.

Jameson Choro

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