Monday, September 8, 2014

Baptism & the colorful words of Isaiah

SOOOO this week was super short but had a ton of stuff happen.

Tuesday we had a lesson with M. We taught tithing and he accepted it. He doesn't have any problems with anything so there isn't really much to explain about it. He just says yes.

We went on a 30 minute bike ride and a 20 minute train ride to visit a referral. She is from the Philippines and her family is Mormon. She is married to a Japanese man, so she can't really go places without his approval. She is scared to ask him to go to church. She looks like she has genuine interest.

Wednesday we taught M again. Last lesson. He got interviewed. Passed with flying colors. Things look good for Saturday.

Thursday we were able to meet A and L again. We asked them what they would do if they found out this message was true. They said they actually didn't know. We asked them why they want to listen, they said they wanted to know more about other`s opinion of God and wanted to learn more of the nature thereof. We taught the plan of salvation up to the atonement. They didn't believe in pre-mortal life. In the bible it doesn't really support that idea. One interesting thing I found is in Isaiah. It says the redeemed will return. I then thought, what is the meaning of return. It is to go back to a place where you once were. Yeah for the colorful words Isaiah uses.

We met with A afterwards. He is a struggle. He wants to learn but that's only it. Doesn't want to do anything. We may have to drop him.

Friday we didn't really do anything. Well we did work hard but that's all of the story with that.

Saturday we went to help one of the members who was affected by the mudslide. That involved going to the worst part. It was completely safe but we saw flipped cars that were completely destroyed. It is a different world there. The road is broken up by the giant boulders that rolled down the mountain. It's really sad.

Later we got to see M get baptized!!! It was so awesome! He is the best. I love him so much. Sunday M got the Holy Ghost!

After church we went to see A the Philippineń║║. She doesn;t look like she will progress unless she asks her husband. Nothing will happen if she won't.

Last week we found this college student named F. he is super kind and talks a lot. Sunday we met him and he may have some potential.

Yesterday we worked super hard. It is ridiculous how hot it is. I've never smelt so bad in my life. I never have felt so worn down  in my life. Not even with all those hard practices during swim. There is something else that is required when you work for the lord.

We worked super hard. Around 8:30 we didn't know what to do so we were trying to find something. As we were riding we found a man completely blasted out of his mind drunk. He was on the ground passed out. Some other guy came along and we called the police. We waited with him until the police came. Poor guy. I think he was drinking because he lives alone. The other man asked if there was anyone we could call. The old drunk said "I live alone. I'm so lonely"

I felt so bad for him. If he realized he was never alone, i don't think he would damage himself. Frankly, we are never alone. I wish I could have told him that but I'm not sure how much he would have understood.


Jameson Choro

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