Monday, September 1, 2014

Moving forward

I've had a rough week of being unlucky, but luckily it wasn't worse. I don't know why, but my bike was being funny this week and I had some slips on curbs since it was raining. But thanks to my cat like reflexes I ninja-ed my way to safety. My foot slipped when I knocked on this ladies house. My falling foot landed in her huge pot that she set on her front step. Totally smashing the poor thing to bits. Not the smoothest week of my life.

We went to the atom bomb exhibit. (Lots of pictures at the end.) The detail of that place basically scarred me for life. They had these dolls of people walking like zombies and their skin was melting/dripping off of their bodies. Ehhh yup. That's stuck in my head. It doesn't help that there is also a disaster here in the area. Those two things just are freaking and grossing me out.

Over this week we worked hard trying to help the area. Wednesday was service. We walked by this old woman and she kept saying "please help us" over and over again. My jeans are pretty messy.

Thursday we had a lesson with A and L. Yup, two Americans from South Carolina. A is this huge black guy who loves sports and is super goofy. L is this white girl who is super funny. The lesson went well and they thought the things we taught were good. They have a super Christian background. It made it easy to teach and the concepts really sank in. They accepted to pray and read the Book of Mormon.

Friday it was another junkai with Urakami. He is super kind and polite.

I love working with Ootani. He is crazy about missionary work. I love that. It makes it easy to work.

Saturday all the missionaries got really upset. Tokyo said that if we didn't have insurance from the government, we couldn't do service. well... we don't have insurance. In order to do it we have to go through this other agency that will take a lengthy time and has a crazy amount of restrictions. The work we are doing, the only way to really hurt yourself is if you don't drink water. But again, we need to obey what we are told.

Sunday we went to the the near by couple missionary's fireside. It is crazy the amount of things they have seen in their life. I gained a greater respect for them. We returned home and we worked super hard. We were able to meet this really awesome college student who is studying to be a teacher for children. He basically told us his life story with regards to why he wants to do so. He seems like a great new investigator. We will meet him tonight.

This work is moving along. We have some great chances to get some great lessons in this week. I know the Lord will provide and He will let us move forward.

Ling's baptism!

A tree that survived the atomic bomb

This was a huge plate of food. I could barely finish it! it took an hour to eat.

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