Monday, January 19, 2015

The slightest breeze brings about change

So This week! It was super fast. With me being sick on Monday, and p-day being Tuesday, I really only can report on 5 days which 2 of them were filled with Elder Pollister getting ready to go home and the other was planning. In the end there is really only 3 days to review for. A little sad but we were able to see some cool things and some extremely frustrating things. I know the work of salvation will move forward, but it seems like sometimes here in Japan, if we are not careful, the slightest breeze could change someone.

Wednesday Elder Pollister needed to get a hair cut. But it turned out really good. We ran into the less active's (who we found on the street a month or 2 ago) uncle's girlfriend who knew about us. She cut
Elder Pollisters hair and told us about Ko. :ater that night he emailed us but he is super busy. I don't know when we can meet him. iIs really sad but it was great we found a connection with him.

Later Elder Tagawa and Olsen taught Wa. She is feeling the Spirit but she has a hard time believing that it is the Spirit. We are thinking how to testify and teach so that she can understand that she is feeling the Spirit.
Elder Tagawa and I went out to eat with an investigator named Ta. he came to church and few weeks ago and has a baptismal date. We taught him about scripture study and prayer (met twice this week teaching these things) He wants to believe in God. He says that he is a bad person and wants to change. He also wants God to help him in his life, with regards to all things, but particularly he wants to find a girlfriend. I'm not quite sure if that will happen so we haven't promised him that he can. We have promised him that if he relies on God, he will receive what he needs.

On Wednesday morning we gave a blessing to D. it was awesome. He was sober for 3 days or so. On Friday we has an appointment with him. He called us and said something about how he was busy. It sounded exactly like when he called his boss saying he couldn't come to work. I was really worried that he broke down. Well, I'll explain that in a second when i get to Saturday.

On Saturday we had some great things and bad things. M dropped. He said some other people who told him that God told them that Mormons were bad. This is the second religious group that has done this to him this week. The JWs and Happy Science. He completely turned on us. Sad but we pray that he will be able to find happiness where he will go.

On a brighter note Ma's lesson was super awesome! We talked about how to study the scriptures better and recognizing the Spirit. We have taught this before but for some reason this time it was different and it really went home. I love this guy so much. He is starting to change and the process is great. He actually came to church too! Now he is qualified to be baptized any time now, just needs to pass the interview and hear all the rest of lessons. He is doing great. The lesson after church was really good too. We are hoping we can build his faith enough so that he can hear the law of chastity lesson. We watched some things the church had about being gay within the church. There are some super strong gay members so we have hope for him as well.

Later we stopped by Do on Saturday. He was super blasted. It didn't surprised me but I just wondered how could I have helped him more. Probably since he was blasted, Ka went out with friends and didn't come to church the next day. He said it was due to Ka asking for money to do things, like to get her medicine and haircut and other things. He made it seem like she was just taking his money and he flipped out and reverted back. IT IS SO HARD TO TALK TO PEOPLE WHO ARE DRINKING. Just straight up difficult. It makes me have a crazy amount of different emotions. I don't know what to do more for Do if he is so conditional on other people. I guess we just have to help try to change the people before we can change him.

That was our week investigators. We are trying our best in finding for 3 hours each day. It is helping so much. We are finding so many cool people. Trying our best to be guided by the Spirit is a hard thing and takes constant effort but the rewards are great. The slightest of feelings could result in someones salvation. I can't imagine why the Lord would trust a 20 year old boy who can't really understand his own feelings. But we are called and we behold the miracles of God. Granted there are lots of people that say no. At the same time there are some people who say yes. As we have been trying hard to find more time to find, amazingly new areas pop out to us/ We recognize new apartments we have never seen before. We explore and find a huge area for finding. Like last night, we climbed a hill looking for something and on top of the hill was many apartments. I had been told there was nothing up there. But we went and there is so much in Nago to do. I just hope I can help find the people that are waiting.

Love Elder J.

PS: We met this old investigator named J. She is from the Philippines. We thought it has been such a long time since we have talked with her that we will just reteach the restoration. She actually had a friend over so we taught her as well. It was a crazy lesson and all these little things that don't ever come up in a normal lesson with Japanese people came up. It was due to a lack of understanding of basic doctrines. Her friend thought Jesus came from the ribs of Mary. It was really bad. But we just said "as humans we don't understand things all the time so that's why prophets are important." Taught the restoration and J said that she believed that Joseph saw Jesus and God. She was testifying by the end to her friend about the truth of it. At the end the friend wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon and was really happy she met us. It was a great experience.

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