Wednesday, January 14, 2015

God prepares people


This week was a little difficult because it was new years. All of our investigators were super busy and not a lot of people were home. At the same time we had some cool miracles.

Tuesday we had a junkai and man that was packed with all kinds of miracles. I can't really say much for what happened on elder Olsen's side but they found 3 investigators, 2 in their 20s and this 14 year old kid that wanted to learn more about the gospel. Crazy they found all of that by just trying to talk to everyone. They also met M. He said that he committed to quit smoking on the 14th! He was bent on quitting so that he can be baptized.

They also met S. Poor guy. Not even out of the hospital for one day and he was completely blasted. Elder Olsen said that he got pretty bold with S. It worked it seems. They figured out what were some of things that were holding him back and how to apply the message to him more fully. His desire is to meet his mom. That's the one thing he wants in his life. Nothing else. No other desire. So from here we will focus on that.

They met Ma as well. He is interesting. He said he doesn't really know why he meets with us. We think that by hearing the gospel he will come to understand. Because he didn't come to church Sunday, his baptismal date dropped. That's okay because not we don't need to rush.

On my side, Elder Jolly and I went and visited E. She hasn't come to church for 2 weeks and the other set of elders when they visited her last week, she said she didn't want to come to church anymore.

We visited and checked out what was up. It turns out she got in an argument with a member. I'm getting tired of seeing on less active files "bad member relationships" Anyways, we talked to her about the temple and sacrament. That was really good. She recommitted to coming to at least sacrament meeting!

We did some dendo and talked to some kind people. Then had a great lesson with W. We taught about the restoration because she was saying "I BELIEVE IN THE EVOLUTION THEORY" mostly because there is evidence. Then we talked about the first vision and the Book of Mormon. Great lesson. Now she wants to know why all of this is important. We will move into the last part of the plan of salvation next.

Wednesday we spent planning for the fireside that we will had on Sunday. We tried to end the night with dendo. It was interesting because we were catching everyone right before they left. Over all, pretty good night.

Thursday morning we had an activity where we drove out to a part of the island and watched the sunrise. The Chinese investigator took her friend and she actually wants to learn more about the church now! Actually the other elders are seeing a lot of miracles with that. E is progressing so fast. It's crazy to see how God prepares people.

We dendoed the day away because we couldn't meet our investigators. We met this one guy named J. He lived in America for 3 years and was in an all Christian high school. We had a pretty good talk with him and gave him a Book of Mormon. We will try to meet with him soon.

Friday I honestly don't remember what happened. I think it was spent in weekly planning and finding. Nothing too special happened.

Saturday was really great the members fed us and I've never had a happier stomach!

We were able to meet D and K on Saturday. It was the first time that we have actually taught them as a couple. It was an interesting experience. But it was something that was amazing to see. They were so open with each other and they were saying how they wanted to be a better family and how they wanted to love each other more. Their relationship has improved so much. K is awesome. She forced D to call in sick so that they could come to church.

Speaking of which, Sunday! D, K, and J came to church. It was perfect. The testimonies were perfect for them. K hugged half of the members, the ones who could speak English came up and started talking to D. K kept saying how it was the best thing ever. Dominic really liked it as well. I have the opportunity to translate for him. I learned a lot because I had to focus for him. It was wonderful.

We had a fireside afterwards talking about inviting people to activities and fellow-shipping them there. It turned out really good. We showed what were some good ways of inviting and some ways to fellowship. The members seemed like they had a great time.

Later on we met C. We haven't met her in 2 weeks. We gave her a talk to read about Christmas and she read it! She said she understands how Christ was sent here to take our sins away. She is thankful to God for helping her family and to us for teaching her prayer. She wants to learn more. I love this woman so much and I love these people.

Love Elder J

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