Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hello there!

This week has been really weird and flipped around quite a bit. Parts of it I'm not allowed to tell you about but lets just say half way through the week we were put on permanent comp exchange until the end of this transfer. President had to call a few times to talk about what would be best for next transfer. Spoiler alert -  nothing is wrong with Olsen and me. We are going on to transfer 3 together.

So I guess I'll start out with the best blessing of the week which is that 6 people came to church this week! Investigators I mean! 4 of our investigators and 2 of the other elders investigators. Ma, S, W, and K. The other elders had a Chinese girl named E, and an eikaiwa student named T. He and his wife started to take the lessons this past week. Great miracles!

So things learned about our investigators. This week was really rough but great at the same time. We are on the line with Ma and S. Found out some shocking news about H M. K and D are still awesome. C was a bummer. We went to her house and she wasn't home - she has work. Its getting rough with her because it seems like she is running low on money. Her phone was shut off. She is always working. Poor woman. O just want to teach her how she can get through it.

Ma, we met him and he committed to quit alcohol and smokes by the 14th. He didn't come to church because we couldn't set up a ride to pick him up. If he doesn't quit smoking and drinking, we may have to leave him alone for a while. Its a sad thing. We are praying so that he can quit.

S, The elders went on splits and I didn't get to meet him but from what I heard, it doesn't look so good on his part either. He has some kind of problem in his mind where the parts of his brain that are supposed to remember things are failing. So he has an extremely hard time remembering things. He is accountable for things, he just forgets our message. At this point we are trying to figure out how we can help someone who forgets quickly.

M. We were able to meet him 2 times this week. It was super awesome. The first time we watched Finding Faith in Christ. He said that he believes that God loves him and that Christ died for him. The next day we talked about baptism and he committed! February 21st. We will work hard at it. The bad thing is, we have had something tell us since the very beginning that there was something different with him. On Sunday when he came to church, he saw K and they hugged! They are friends! The other elders visited her later on Sunday and she said, "M IS GAY! BE CAREFUL!"

K and D. Dramatic weekend that ends out with a great victory. We did service for them on Friday where we cut some weeds outside their house. Their house is pretty beat up.  It was good to help them. K came to church and said, "I will come every week from now on. I loved it." D and K's relationship is improving and they say it is because of us that it is getting better. Its not really us but rather the Spirit of the Lord they accept when they accept us. K just loves us. She loves the church. She loves the people. She hugs half of the people in the church. Great woman. D is great too. He is just in a dark place. K is trying so hard to get him out. So are we. On Sunday the other elders were able to help D commit to Christ. He said "I know you are here to represent Christ. I know you are  here to do as he does." Then he talked about how Christ told the lame man by the pool to stay and take up his bed and walk. That's what the elders told him to do and he committed to it. He asked us if we practice blessings and asked for one. We will go give him a blessing tomorrow morning.

Monday I was hit with a pretty bad 24 hour virus. I was down the whole day but I'm completely better now.

That's basically our week. We did a lot of finding and found some great people! Hopefully I can start reporting about them next week!

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