Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Learning how to be a missionary again

Okayssssss!!! This week went by super fast and a lot of it was just finding....  but I'll try my hardest to recap the week.

Tuesday we had district meeting. It's really weird teaching the zone leaders and the sister training leaders. I'm kind of worried what I'll teach them next week. Being a DL over leaders is really weird. For reporting on Mondays, I call the sisters, and I go to the other room and interview the normal missionary, then I go do the other zone leader. It's a really tedious process.

Tuesday we ate lunch at a member`s house of a returned missionary that came back last week.  She went to America and just came back. She told us about her trip there. Other than that, we were finding all day long! It doesn't seem that bad because there is so much to do. But it starts to show me the differences of what my previous missionary efforts were like.

Wednesday we had a phone call come in from an eternal investigator who wanted to email a returned missionary. We went over there and I translated what he wanted to say and sent it.  We returned and started to house and street. Again just learning how to work with your companion is really hard. Especially since I haven't really worked together with someone to the extent of this. We switch off every few sentences. I haven't ever done that with other missionaries. Elder Gandy taught all the lessons and I added what I could, but not much. Elder Jensen and I taught chunks of the lesson.  Each companion has been different. So right now its like learning how to be a missionary again. I've learned all the lessons very well. I have the language for the lessons. It's just for some reason when I came here, all of that went away and I'm starting all over again. It's actually quite frustrating and I'm struggling with it a bit. It's not that I'm a bad missionary. It's not that I don't know how to teach. But for some reason when I became companions with Ootani, something is different from my past companions and it's incredibly hard to understand and teach all of a sudden.

Thursday we had weekly planning where I expressed my concerns to him. Ootani said some things to make me feel better.  I think the Lord wants me to learn some really big lessons this transfer. Its been a struggle so far but at least me and Ootani are having lots of fun. We laugh all the time. We have a good time. I may just been over thinking things but I'm just searching so badly to be a better missionary. One that can be compatible with others when they teach. I haven't had that opportunity until now, and its hard to break habits when all you know what to do is your habit.

Thursday night we met this really nice mom who said we can come back. We told her we won't come back unless her husband is home because we are sharing a family message. I have hope for her.

Friday. We have been super lucky this past week. We have been able to meet 3 impossibly hard less actives this week. All of them said "I'm not usually home at this time." During weekly planning we put flags up for all the less actives. During daily planning we picked out some of them and went to visit them. It went really well!!! Other than that, we did lots of contacting. One day this week we tried to invite everyone to baptism. (That day we were really in-tune with teaching) We had two people say yes. It was really cool. They said, "if I had the opportunity, yes" one of them is Y. We want to try to meet with him soon.

We had an open house on Friday. We had two of the young girls explain the plan of salvation. We had 2 investigators come who hadn't been taught the plan of salvation. M and A. They seemed to really enjoy it and really recognized the meaning of it.  M recorded the whole thing on his phone.

Saturday. We went around Saturday and tried to see some of the members. Most of the city is flat in Hiroshima... but where the members live, its extremely hilly. We did lots of housing around them and worked hard.

Later that day I thought about the movie Gremlins. The movie, if you feed little pets they turn into monsters. I don't know why I did but that was the first time in years I've thought about it. Well it turns out that later that day when we were housing, we ran into this college girl who was wearing that shirt. I freaked out. We had a good little lesson with her and she said we could come back.... but we gave it to the sisters since she is our age. It's a little weird.

Sunday! There was supposed to be a typhoon coming our way, but it didn't hit us. M came to church! We taught him part of the plan of salvation and part of lesson 3. It went super well and he said he wanted to go to the celestial kingdom. At the end of it he prayed! He is doing pretty good. Out of my investigators, he has had the most intent. He wants to become a missionary. He feels good at church and the members are pretty friendly with him.

Sunday we were able to meet some less actives, just to say hi, and we housed. Nothing really big happened. We continued to work hard. But still that fact that I'm not doing well adjusting to different teaching is bearing down on me. I'm trying really hard and I'll push through it.

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Saying Goodbye in Iizuka
Jameson Choro

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