Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Heavenly Father prepares His children

We had a crazy week. I don't have much time but I'll blast through it.

Monday was a half p-day because we were had Thanksgiving with the military. (Which was amazing. We have left overs. :-) )

We visited S and we taught him to pray. He has no self confidence and doesn't really have a motive to do it by himself so we basically have to have him do it for him. We wrote down a prayer and he did it.

Later that day we went to a new area we found. We met a lot of college students. One girl actually brought up a new reason not to trust in God. She said "people say when ever they do good things they owe it to God. I want to compliment myself sometimes." It was interesting but missing the point. It took a few moments to build a case against it but in the end it shows that God really is the only thing that will succeed in the end.

Tuesday we had a our last district meeting. Since some missionaries were going home they were able to bear their testimonies. The former AP, Dolbin Choro gave a great testimony. It showed how much love he had for the Savoir and how much he has learned from serving him. If every missionary was more like him, each mission would change for the better.

We had our lesson with W. She isn't really progressing anymore. Sadly she isn't keeping her commitments which is making it hard for her to know if this is the truth. We keep telling her that. Hopefully this next lesson she will keep them. But this past lesson we talked about why there is war and how can we resolve it. It all is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ and loving our neighbors. When these two things are not followed, then bad things like wars start to occur.

After W we had our lesson with S. It was a good first lesson. She has so much potential. Since she is married to a member, she can really learn how to apply the teachings to her everyday life. She seems really bright and willing to learn. We just started off with basic things and we set an appointment for Thursday.

Wednesday! We met with this man named H. M. We met him last week. He wondered why there were so many sects. So we taught the first lesson and he said "Wow I'm relieved. Now I understand why there are so many churches." We were able to continue with that and he said that he thought the Joseph Smith keiken was true. SO with that we set up a baptismal date for the 17 of Jan.

We did some dendo and made it to C. We planned super hard for her. During the lesson we were teaching the power of the atonement. She has so many hard things in her life. We wanted to help her understand that the atonement can give her strength to endure. We were wanting to set a baptismal date at the end but some reason things kept coming up. Half way through the lesson a family member called and said they needed her over. We had to stop and leave it there. Its interesting how God works sometimes. He places things in the way because there are sometimes missionaries that are going the wrong way so he needs to stop it. Based off the lesson, she wasn't prepared for that invite. But now we will be more careful to help prepare more.

Thursday. We had thanksgiving and a lesson with S. Great lesson! Our unity was almost perfect it seemed. Everything was great! We even invited her to baptism on the 25th of December to which she said yes... but! This is were things get messy. It turns out she is actually a few months pregnant. If you do the math they were married a month ago. Before the member came back, he was way less active. Like not going to church since he was 12 less active. Turns out that he isn't very strong. When we offered the baptismal date he freaked out saying that he doesn't even understand the message so he thinks she should take things slower. We told them it wasn't any pressure but more of a goal. If she were to come to know by that date, she could be baptized. If not, no big deal it will be moved. Well he felt offended and pressured even though it was her decision. Turns out a few days later we were told by his parents they thought we came to their house randomly and then forced the baptism on them. (They completely forgot about the appointment.) Even up until now, the member will not answer our phone calls. He didn't come to church either. A little upsetting and really frustrating. He is slowing the process instead of helping. A little bit of a bummer.

Anyways. On to brighter and more awesome news. Friday we had junkai. There Elder Ho and I were walking and this American almost hit us in his car. For some reason I just started talking to him at his window. I asked him where he was from. "Philly." I about freaked out. I told him I used to live in limerick and we kept talking. We invited him to our Christmas party. He said he was busy but he said he would have his wife and son J go. For some reason my mind went "wait.... J... K had a son named J." K is an investigator who we met about 2 weeks ago. She is awesome, super genki. But she got sick and we wanted to give her bananas to say we were sorry and for her to get better. As fate had it, we didn't have time to stop by her house that day.

So i asked him "how old is your son." "8 years old" I thought, K's son is 8. Then I asked what his wife's name was, he said "K." My mind exploded. Heavenly Father really does prepare his children. The best part is that he said that we can come over when ever we want. He said his wife is going through a rough time and he wants her to be around good people. So therefore "come over whenever, you don't need an invitation." Super awesome miracle.

Saturday was just filled with work. Nothing too exciting happened.

Sunday we went to go pick up S for church. As we pulled him outside his apartment his boss was waiting there saying "we need you at work" so they drove off. Elder Olsen and I were dumbfounded. But it turns out to be good. We went by his house later that night and caught him as he got home. He is going into rehab to fix his drinking and smoking problems. He said we can come to visit him when ever we want. This is a great chance. While he is off the beer and smokes, he will be more open to the spirit. We are hoping things can shape up for him :-)

Love Elder Jameson

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