Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Daily doses of chocolate

This week was filled a little bit of disappointments just because we didn't get everything accomplished that we wanted to. A lot of appointments fell through and some new investigators dropped.But I would rather have them drop early than to see them go through the whole process and still reject it. Still, it hurts to see someone accept and then reject the teachings of the Savoir.

On Monday we got a text from the Korean saying that she got really sick from the EMF thing so she was sick allllll week. Nothing. Sad, but I'm in the process of sending her an email talking about general conference. I think she might like that.

Monday evening we also had an appointment with the boy from Friday. He was busy so therefore that appointment dropped. We did a lot of finding because of that. We met this man who met the missionaries before and has the Book of Mormon. He said we could come back but I'm not really sure if he has interest. We will visit him tonight.

Tuesday, we had 4 appointments fall through!!!! It was so frustrating! We tried super hard to find and make up the time but things weren't working out for us. Later that night the zone leaders came and we went out for about an hour and a half. Me and elder Wynn went and did some finding. Tuesday was just a rough day and people weren't very responsive.

Wednesday we had a day full of awesomeness, but we didn't follow the plan really at all. The first thing we did is we went to the member who is struggling with E. She came out and she was really happy. We talked and had a great meet. Then she apologized for being mean to me last week, but she has some hard feelings.

Then we had a lesson with a member that the Ward makes us teach because they fear he will go crazy. He is a little mental. He was baptized a year ago but the Ward makes him meet with the missionaries each week. When I say Ward, I mean the few members that got offended last time. But anyways, he has such a kind heart. The old lady completely racked on E but this man defended her and said so many nice things about her. It shows that the Branch accepts her, and only a few don't.

Afterwards we went and dendoed a bit. Going here and there, lead by the spirit talking to people. They either talked a lot or not at all. This old man said he was Christian but also that he did the island religion. It confuses me when people say they are Christian and another religion. They really don't understand what it means to follow Christ. That's why I'm so grateful for the restored gospel to give us direction.

After we talked to him he showed us a near by place to eat. Elder Wynn and I ate dolphin. It was like fish steak. Or as Wynn said "charcoal with bitterness." Literally the whole thing was black. No color.

After dinner we went and continued on, trying to make our way back home. We met this cool 19 year old name Y. Hopefully we can meet him soon. He has weekdays free.

Thursday we went down to Naha to get training. It was wonderful and I learned a lot. It was great to see the other missionaries and talk to them. Especially the ones from Miyako. Miyako is doing great and it makes me so happy!

Friday and Saturday were not the greatest again. We tried going to appointments but they all fell through. I felt so bad because I felt like we were wasting time almost. We spent some time though to think about our investigators and to better help them. We thought of two families who we can barely meet. "How can they feel the spirit without us being there?" We thought of one of those daily pill boxes for morning, lunch, and dinner pills. We put candy in some and scriptures in others. That way they can have incentive and a way to pray and read the scriptures as a family.

This weird selfie is for my sister, Kylie.
We were able to give them out on Sunday. But that's all the time we had to give. Hopefully we will be able to see some results from daily prayer and scripture study.

Sorry there isn't that much this week. Things were a little rough not only in dendo but with our relationships as well. I guess the Lord wants me to learn things and they are not fun lessons. But if the Lord wants me to learn them, I will follow His will.

Love you!

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