Monday, June 2, 2014

They welcomed her in

SOOOOOO birthday week!!!!

Crazy awesome week.

Monday started off slow. There were lots of old people we contacted because we wanted to house... houses instead of apartments. It turns out old people live in houses. That or really rich young people. We did meet one lady whose dad died a few days earlier. She was freaking out at the door and told us to come at a different time, so we will.

Tuesday. We had 2 member present lessons planned out. Both fell through. I though, "stink, what are we going to do?" So I called around trying to make appointments. One of which was that less active we found by accident 2 transfers ago. She started to say,"Well I have something to say. Its about you guys, me, and my daughter." I immediately thought, "what did we do? I didn't do anything bad? Are we not going to be able to meet with her anymore?" But just the opposite happened. She said, "I want my daughter to take the lessons and maybe even get baptized. She is 11 now and she can make her own choices. Not only that, I may change my mind as well."

I sat there. I had to repeat what she said to me to make sure. It was true. She told me to talk to our Branch President so we can set something up. They will come to church next week.

Wednesday. We met A-san just for a bit. She meets with us but she doesn't have motive. I think it is the factor of two American boys coming and talking to her. We may have to drop her because she doesn't retain anything. I've explained everything as simply as I can. I've taught prayer 4 or 5 times and yet she doesn't know what it is. I love her but things are not progressing at all.

We met two people on Wednesday. H san and Y san. they both agreed to return appointments. H said that because she can't see God she doesn't believe. I stepped behind her door and asked her if I existed. she said "I can't see you." I asked," can you hear me?" and she said "oohhhh I see" so we explained prayer to her. Y, we explained Christ's role. She said that she might want to hear one more lesson.

Thursday was hard. We tried sooooooooo hard to plan for a member present lesson we had planned with T san. No matter how much we tried to think of what we should teach, we couldn't think of anything. We got to the lesson still not knowing what to share. We told the member that we will try our best but we are not sure. We first followed up on the reading she had (she is a Christian and she has the Book of Mormon.) It was over Moroni 10:3-5. She said she didn't understand the Holy Ghost and prayer. We asked her if she prayed before. She said yes but never has received an answer or has never felt the Holy Ghost. This was perfect because the member we had there has an amazing testimony of prayer and the Spirit and honestly the rest of the lesson was the member explaining her life and the power of prayer. It was exceptional and something we could not plan. We had a feeling to invite her to church. (She is the girl who won't split from her sister... who was there during the lesson so we taught both of them) So we invited her. She turned to her sister and said "lets go and see" the sister was busy on Sunday but T san committed to come to church.

Friday. We met H san and Y again. H knows how to pray now and we will go to visit her on Wednesday with a member. Y for some reason rejected us. She said its impossible to meet. I asked her why. She said she didn't know. Then I asked then what is stopping you from listening. She said she didn't know. I said, well then we will be around here sometime and we will try to say hello. But until then, please think about this again.

We met that less active with the weird alien religion. It has baptism and many other Christian beliefs but it can't be further from the truth. We want to investigate it more.

We met E san. She became an investigator. It was just a short meet but we can visit her Friday with a member.

Saturday started off really rough. On Wednesday when I had my birthday, I felt on cloud nine. For some reason I felt really good while dendo.Words were just coming out of my mouth. At eikaiwa, 2 college students came. They were super awesome but they rushed out of the building really quick so I felt they didn't like it. But on Saturday we were doing terrible. Everything felt wrong. I was really sad. Then eikaiwa came around. Not only did the 2 college students came, our group of long lost friends came (a mom and a daughter who wants to go to school in America.) They came to eikaiwa a while ago but then left for America. Well they came back and they found a school! They will be going to San Jose. how far is that from San Diego? Maybe Colby can help them? (Uncle Colby lives in Sand Diego, a short 460 miles from San Jose.) But yeah, it was a great time.

I felt super happy and ready to go. We went to some college houses and met some great people. We have appointments with them next week.

Sunday! Fast Sunday! T came to church. She loved it! She wants to come next week. At the end of church all the old woman swarmed her, but she loved it. They welcomed her in and she wants to come back. We met W. he was a referral from the church but he has a lot of thoughts and ideas that if he had a knowledge of the gospel he would find peace. I told him that we could find those answers through God. He said, "I don't want God's answers." (Up until this point I have been getting upset from everyone not wanting anything from us) So I asked him, "why don't you want those answers? Do you have those answers now?" He said no. I said, "then why do you not want them?" He couldn't answer the question. We made a return appointment and we will try to find a way to help him.

Last story. We were housing last night and we went into an apartment complex. I saw one name on a mail box and thought, "we need to visit this person" so we went and knocked. This lady was fluent in English. She believed in God. So I asked her, do you believe God gives you feelings to help others? She said yes! That's why she can't refuse to help others. She has been a volunteer for over 17 years. I told her how we had the feeling to visit her. Also that God wanted to help her. She said sorry I don't need that help. I about cried. It hurt so bad. I know that we were sent to her and she straight up rejected us. But please pray for N so that she can have that change of heart.


Elder jameson

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