Monday, May 12, 2014

If we put work into our prayers, God will answer

Hello friends!

It was great being able to Skype my family!!! They are the best. After I hung up I just sat there and said "man that went by fast." It was sad to say goodbye but I'll be able to talk to you soon again!

Again relating it to the Savior, when he died I think he felt the sorrow for the people he was leaving. He knew where he was going but they didn't know where he was going. I feel that every transfer. It hurts leaving people you love.

Anyways this week was short because we did a lot of stuff for Lee Choro and getting him ready to transfer. (Elder Lee was transferred and left Jarom and Elder Knighton all alone in Iizuka.)

We tried to meet a lot of our investigators. We had some pretty bad timing the whole week. One's house started to break so he had to fix it. Another investigator's child got in trouble at school so a teacher was talking to the mom.

We did get to meet some Potential Investigators this past week. One named E. She has interest in religion and apparently her husband knows all about Christianity. So we hope we can teach them and bring them closer to their Heavenly Father. When we visited her she said that she read the story of Job in the bible and she cried. We taught her that God tests us sometimes and if we can pass the test, we not only become better people but God will bless us more. She seemed to really recognize the lesson.

We met with a less active named Y. He has been less active for about 14 years or so but he comes to church when the missionaries pick him up. We had a lesson with him about prayer. We asked him what prayer meant to him. He said that because God didn't help him find a job he didn't believe prayer works. That frustrated me because he sits at home playing video games all day. How does he expect God to help him when he sits around all day? Then he said because of all the wars and famines in this world, God doesn't answer prayers. I became more increasingly frustrated, mostly because every time I went to address his question he would interrupt me with saying the same thing. But then Elder Knighton, in his broken Japanese, bore a wonderful testimony that if we put work into our prayer, God will answer. Then Y started to open up more saying that he was bullied as a kid and thought about suicide many times. I shared experiences of friends and my own. I just hope we can show him his importance as a child of God.

We met this lady a while back with Mabuchi. Her name is Y. She expressed concern about her children and how she wanted to see them grow and succeed. So we related that to how God wants us to grow and succeed so he gave us prophets. We can go back next week :)

We found this amazing cute family named U. The kids are so amazingly adorable. The mom had interest in religion when she was young so she was pretty open about religion. She asks awesome questions. We have an appointment on Tuesday. Things look good.

We met this younger woman in the same area. She is a soka gakkai member. (Soka Gakkai is a Buddhist movement. You can find more HEREThat is so incredibly difficult to deal with. They never listen to our message. She was so young and it hurt me to see that because of her religion she wouldn't even listen to ours. A lot of people say that religion brain washes people a lot of the time. but I don't think that is true. People have their choice. On the other hand, that religion teaches people strictly not to listen to other religions. I felt bad for her and I didn't want to let it go. I don't know how but she agreed to a return appointment. Hopefully things will turn out well.

We over all have been finding lots of younger families. It is really what this area needs. I know that Heavenly Father loves all His children and provides a way for everyone to return. We all just need to look for those opportunities.

Elder Jameson

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